The Core Issues


Housing should be built primarily as homes to live in, not investments. The multinational vulture funds have made a home unaffordable for many young families. The Greens would move to a public housing model with set affordable rents.


We need a radical remodeling of the health system to put patients first, and introduce a culture of continous improvement. We need greater investment in primary care, and I am particularly passionate about increasing the choice with regard to home care.


The Green Party is the party of Climate Action. After 40 years, other parties are starting to borrow our policies, and that’s a good thing!

We need to eliminate our reliance on imported fossil fuels and create a healthier safer environment that is fair and just for everyone in society. We will work with local communities, scientific bodies and across Government offices to make our country cleaner, better planned and coordinated, and safer for everyone in the face of the looming climate crisis,


Let’s look to our lakes, bogs, hills and forests to unlock our tourism potential, and use the latest technology to build a sustainable local economy.


Short term thinking in our political culture has led to imbalances between the east of Ireland and the West, between urban and rural. Better long term planning means putting the jobs where people want to live, not where the work forces them to go. That requires better local transport, broadband, local healthcare and housing – a vision of what this country can be if we do it properly, not what might work for a few years, a few votes.

Being responsible people in Ireland today means planning for the long term, on every front, to get best for everyone.


Crime is causing anxiety for people, particularly in rural areas. I am involved with Community Alert so I understand the need for more Gardai and the Greens want to keep rural Garda stations open.